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Why We Do What We Do

June 19, 2017 · by vincentabonado · No Comments

People ask me all the time, “What’s the most rewarding part of running your business?”

Well, if you want the simple answer:

Kidding, of course (although we do like money).

It’s this: The most rewarding part about what we do everyday is seeing people get excited about something we’ve created.  The best feeling I’ve ever had at work was the first time somebody walked up to our truck, confused, and then had that eureka moment where they all-of-a-sudden just get the whole “Ohhh!  They really ARE shaped like mustaches!” bit.

It was like bringing a new friend in on an inside joke you’ve had going for years.

And that’s why I’m happier selling pretzels than I ever was doing accounting.

I spoke a bit about this with Laura Latzko from the Arizona Republic a few weeks ago for her article about the Street Eats food truck festival.  Nobody was ever happy to see me when I was coming to deliver an audit report or tell them I’d found clear evidence of fraud in their insurance claim.  I was a full time, professional wet blanket (though, admittedly, a very fortunate and well-paid one).

Not anymore, though.  Now I’m the guy who chose to make a living selling pretzels shaped like mustaches.

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