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Pretzels Prove Perfect at Phoenix Central High

June 19, 2017 · by vincentabonado · No Comments

The Mustache Pretzels food truck made an appearance at Phoenix Central High School’s choir performance last night.  A portion of the truck’s sales went back to the school’s choir.

“It was a good time,” said truck manager Zach Olsen, “and a great location for me, since I live in Phoenix.”

Students enjoyed the scratch-baked soft pretzels, which are shaped like handlebar mustaches (below).

Flipside Pic


“Yeah, that’s kind of the whole bit,” truck owner and founder, Greg Golden, said, “the pretzels are shaped like mustaches.”

Shift manager Matthew Baudek noted that the truck ran smoothly after some recent repairs, and that all equipment was in working order.

“Everything worked, and they (school guests) seemed into it,” Baudek said.  “Also, we need to pick up more bottled water for tomorrow.”

Attempts to confirm whether or not the additional bottled water has since been acquired have been unsuccessful.

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